Monday, October 6, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 1

This week I'm doing a series of posts to show you what a week in my life looks like. If you're someone who enjoys the ordinary things in life, you're going to love this series! Apparently, as I came to realize today, my life is not THAT exciting, but lovely nonetheless.

Here goes:

9:30- Late Breakfast
10:00am- Sympathetic neighbor who took my trash out :)

10:50am- Embarrassing aka Next Week's Project
11:30am- Sweetly playing
1:45pm- Lunch
4:45pm- Life overrun

8:30pm- Modern Humanities: My Arch-Nemesis
I couldn't help it. Here's a picture of Malone in her Fall sweater (taken yesterday). Doesn't she just make you want to go playing in a pile of leaves or eat Pumpkin Pie?


Yami M. said...

I love it!!! More, more... Haha Miss Malone looks fabulous!!! Please ask her where she got that fabulous sweater and if they have them in my size. Ah, the lovely hints of fall/winter!! Miss you guys... Keep up the great posts. Makes me feel like I live in Tacoma, rather than...err...Enid. :0)

Heart you guys,

Catharine de Wet said...

She has a model stance, doesn't she?