Friday, October 10, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 5

Friday...since I don't work anymore it just doesn't hold the same relief as before. But still a wonderful day nonetheless.

11:30am- Trying on hats at H&M.

4:20pm- Malone got a fat lip in a fight with the coffee table (look at upper left). The coffee table won.
4:30pm- I hate broken glass...not to mention when its a mirror. Ok, this one takes some explaining. When Malone busted her lip I'm pretty sure her gum got hit too, but I couldn't see for sure and she wouldn't let me go near it. So being the clever mom that I am, I thought a trip upstairs to our bathroom mirror would distract her while I look at her gum. Well, she saw herself in the mirror (its one of those old time pop-out- of- the wall mirrors) and pushed the mirror slightly and it fell over and shattered all over the ground.
6:35pm- Playing before bed
6:45pm- But then we got tired

8pm- Thinking about the amazing Chipotle I had for lunch

9:30pm- Been waiting all day to devour this a.k.a I suck as a photographer
10pm- Laundry has taken over my bed...and life?

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