Sunday, October 12, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 7

Today is the Sabbath, our resting day. And because it is our resting day, I did not take any pictures of our activities today. Its kind of stressful taking pictures of everything all day. Sorry, I'm lame, I know.

So here's our day's synopsis:

7:30am- I have a grateful heart because Malone allowed me some good sleep.

8:30am- I have a heart filled with joy because I got a call from Cameron.

8:45am- I have a indecisive heart over what to wear to church today

11:45am- I have a processing mind as I am thinking about the purpose of church

2:30pm- I have a grateful heart again. This time for a napping baby.

4:00pm- I have an annoyed heart and mind as Target was supposed open today (that's what their big, fat sign said and the mailer I received!) but their Grand Opening was kind of lame. Come to find out they secretly opened last Tuesday. Why? Don't you want people to be excited about your Grand Opening? Stupid!

7:30pm I have cleaning hands. Nothing like cleaning the kitchen REAL good.

10:00pm I have an overwhelmed mind with schoolwork.

10:34pm I have sleepy eyes.

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