Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Week in the Life: Day 2

Day 2:

Yesterday was kind of a crazy day so I didn't quite make it to take pictures. But if I had this is what they would be. Pictures tomorrow.

Picture 1: 5:00am- Me with circles under my eyes because Malone decided it was "play time"

Picture 2: 10:00am- Playgroup @ Panera with other moms from Cam's squad

Picture 3: 11:30am- Resisting the urge to spend money at Target. Succeeded. Kinda.

Picture 4: 3:30pm- Screaming baby not wanting to take a nap. Apparently, reasoning with a baby doesn't work.

Picture 5: 6:15pm- Went to the wrong gate on base (closed). About to freak out because I'm going to be late!

Picture 6: 7:00pm- At Cameron's squad's Spouses' Coffee, meeting other spouses. Nice gals.

Picture 7: 10:00pm- Home, sweet, home!

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