Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Party

Thursday night was the long awaited Christmas party of Cameron's squadron. Long awaited, not because we were super excited about it, but rather because this year, Cameron had quite a heavy hand in planning it. So it was more of a labor of love, than an event to enjoy and look forward to. But, we did enjoy it nonetheless. It looked beautiful, the food (prime rib) was good and the company was fun!

Of course, the biggest stress for me was finding a cocktail dress that a) went over my 8 month preggo belly, b) didn't make me look like a blah tent, and c) didn't cost a million dollars. Target came to the rescue with a cute little, not even maternity, cocktail dress for only.... $20!!

The Mr. & Mrs.

Our fantastic and hot bible study girls, sans Sara (who kindly was watching Malone) and Leigh (who was soaking up the rays in Mexico)

Laura Glover and I. She just had twins 6 months ago. Can you believe it?

We clean up pretty nice, eh? This probably isn't a good representation of where my belly really is at...or feels at. :)

My excited face to take my high heels off at home

Malone playing in my high heels the next morning :) How does SHE walk in them when I barely can?

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Sara Kay said...

You look beautiful! :)