Saturday, December 19, 2009

Our own Christmas Traditions

This year we will be alone for Christmas. Our own little family. We will miss our families dearly and wish we could all be together for this time of year. But, there is something about starting our own traditions, building those memories with our own children that I'm excited about.

As we've been preparing for this holiday season Cameron and I have often talked about what traditions we would like to incorporate into our little family. You've already read about how we decorated the house, put up the tree and made cookies. Well, now we're really onto the nitty gritty of Christmas Eve, Christmas morning, the presents, Santa and of course the food. So here's a couple of things we're gonna try this year:

- Presents: I read somewhere & heard about it from Stephanie, about doing 4 presents for the kids. One they want, one they wear, one they read, one they need. Cute, economical, just right for us, I think. However, since Malone is so little she's getting a book, a box and some fun little stocking stuffers. Sh.... don't tell her. I'll explain the book and box when they're finished. You'll want to see this for sure.

- Food: I'm working on the menus right now. I think we're doing something light for Christmas eve dinner (maybe soup & salad) and this beauty called Croquembouche (they're little cream puffs made into a tower) for dessert. Christmas morning, I'm thinking fruit and homemade cinnamon rolls. And for Christmas lunch/dinner, ribeye roast. Still working on the details. Plus, I kind of want it to be a surprise for Cameron.

- Christmas morning: I love reading the story of Jesus' birth. Then, opening presents. Then, thanking the Lord for what our gifts represent, His gift to us, Jesus.

I want to hear from you! What Christmas traditions do you love from your family? Any food ideas? PS: I have to warn you, I might steal your ideas.

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Merry Christmas friends!!!