Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Hello Cupcake

While my family was here, Malone had some good 'ole girl time with Mama, Ouma (my mom) and Auntie Telly (my sister, Christelle). We went to the Tacoma's Children's Museum, where we "made" sandwiches which we then had to buy from Malone, crawled in holes (yeah, yeah, have a good laugh at the thought of a 7 month pregnant me crawling...ha...ha), but mostly spent our time in the art room. We painted, drew on the windows, made stencil colorings, and washed our hands, a new favorite activity of Malone. Hey, she doesn't want to get H1N1, and neither do we. She loved it all! And to be honest, I think so did we.

After exhausting our creative juices, we needed a little pick-me-up. And what's better than cupcakes and milk? We went to the cutest little cupcake shoppe this side of Willy Wonka's, called Hello Cupcake.

Here's the progression of what happened:

We were all happy and excited to be at Hello Cupcake

See, look how happy Christelle and I are together. Ps: She just turned 16. Isn't it illegal to be so hot and stylish at 16?
Then Malone pushed aside the cupcake I was sharing with her. She was after one thing. FROSTING.
Take it easy, little Malone. You're looking a little fierce in your hunt for frosting from each of our plates.
Malone, annoyed that we're trying to take pictures in the midst of serious frosting eating business.
Satisfied but in an almost coma-like state.
Beware, if you eat too much cupcakes, you might end up with a belly like this. Obviously, Christelle didn't eat her whole cupcake.
The end.

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Jill Meseke said...

Marelize... You look too cute! I'm so excited for you, Cameron, and Malone! Keep blogging, I enjoy reading updates on your life.