Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Traditions

Christmas Countdown: Less than 2 weeks away!

Oh, how I love Christmas. I love what it stands for, I love the decorations, the treats, the family feel of it all. And since Malone is getting a tiny bit older now, it is time for us to establish our own family Christmas traditions.

I started off this year by decorating our house just a little. A little garland on the mantle and hanging our stockings was first.

Putting up the wreath on the front door was next. My plans to make one was foiled when I realized it would be cheaper and easier just to buy one from Target.

Then one day, to my surprise Cameron said we needed lights on the house. Done. Sorry, no pictures yet. Its day time and the lights would look uncharacteristically lame. But rest assured, they are tactful and Christmas Vacation lights on our house. Wish I could say the same for some other people in our neighborhood.

The tree was set up, lit and decorated. It was a little bigger than we had remembered. It kinda takes up half our living room. But that's ok, because we're just trying to show our Christmas spirit, right? So what if you can't walk across our living room?

Lastly, we decorated Christmas cookies. We only gave a couple of cookies away, because it has become clear that here in the Schaefer household, art is not necessarily our gifting :) At least not yet. Plus, I think Malone was more interested in eating them than decorating them.

Expecting a big mess, we put Malone in an old t-shirt of mine. She apparently didn't like the mess as much as we thought she would and came out cleaner than we did. Oh, and here's her new "CHEEEEESE!" face. Where does she learn these things?
Malone and I feverishly working
Cameron feverishly working. Malone feverishly enjoying the cookie.

The end result

Can't wait until next year's new addition of family and family traditions.

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