Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Thankgiving week

Oh friends, happy Thanksgiving. Here in the Schaefer household, we (yes, Cameron made it home!) celebrated with my parents and little sister. They came out for a week of food, football (a relatively new thing for my South African family...Roll Tide!) and good 'ole family fun. Its always so refreshing to visit with my family. Not to mention, the HOURS AND HOURS of fun Malone had with my parents, but especially her Auntie "Telly", as she says. First thing in the morning and last thing at night, she wanted to know where Telly, Ouma and Oupa was. Ahhhh, it warmed my heart. Here's a few other highlights of the week:

- My turkey turned out great. I brined it again this year with the William & Sonoma's Buttermilk Brine recipe. It took a bit longer than I anticipated, but came out so moist and wonderful. So good. Of course, I wanted to commemorate the wonderful occasion by roasting my hand along with the turkey. Ouch! I'm brilliant, I know. Not to worry, I just charred the top of my hand on the heating element, but can still type wonderfully. :)

- Saturday, we were official cheerleaders, complete with signs, noise-makers, cheers and refreshments (pictures and video to come). Cameron has been training for the Seattle Marathon for months now, however, since starting his hectic travel schedule again, he wasn't sure whether he'd be home for it (it was this past Sunday.) So he decided to run his own marathon. At 7:30am Saturday morning the Schaefer Marathon began. We all loaded in the car at 8:30am, wiping the sleepiness from our eyes, and set off to begin our cheerleading duties. We found him trodding along his 26.2 mile path, doing remarkably well. As the morning progressed, we met up with him a few more times, honking, blowing our noise-makers, holding our signs high, nourishing his tired soul with Wendy's chicken nuggets and Gatorade and attempting to encourage him as much as possible. The culmination was when he crossed the finish line (yes, we had an official finish line ribbon), surrounded by our family and friends. Oh, and he received the 1st Place medal. It was epic! Many thanks to Marc, Beth, Marc's parents, Sara, Karl, Leigh Anna, my mom, dad, and sister for your true friendship and dedication to Cameron on this cold Saturday morning. Cameron, you are my hero!

Alright friends, I better run my own type of marathon and make dinner. On tonight's menu, Turkey pot pie. Yummmm!


Melanie said...

WAY TO GO CAMERON!!! That is awesome! I love that ya'll had a marathon for him complete with medals and everything! That is great! Sounds like you had the perfect Thanksgiving too! I will have to try that brine recipe next year! I am sorry about your hand! :o( Hope it heals very quickly!!!

Jill Meseke said...

Good job Cameron!! These Mississippians are proud of you! Hi Marelize! Glad to hear you had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We miss you guys!