Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Malone's Photography

Malone has inherited Cameron's entrepreneurial spirit and at the tender age of almost two, she is starting her own photography business. It seems like lately so many of my friends (Rachael Hope, Sara Joy, Audrey Hannah, Jacob, Melanie) are starting up photography businesses. And the funny thing is that they are all very talented photographers. What's the odds of that?

Well, Malone has jumped on the bandwagon and will be launching her own website soon. However, she specializes in a bit more artistic photography, so be forewarned that its not your average "family portraits" kind of photography. When I asked this new budding artiiiiste what her inspiration is, she replied, "Mama!" So there you go folks, I inspire young and old.

Here's a little taste of what's going to make us millions...ahem...I mean, my daughter's inner artistic expressions:

"View From Below"

"Crazy Woman Who Changes My Diapers"
"Dadda Dadda"

"Why is She Everywhere?"

"Windows to the Soul"
And last but not least, a little project called "Baby?" (said in a really sad little voice. Maybe an expression about her feelings towards the new baby coming?)

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